Renting Vs Buying Moving Boxes

Why Rent Plastic Moving Boxes?

  • Easy to Carry

    RPM Boxes have built-in easy grip handles. No tearing cardboard here!

  • Ready to Use

    RPM Boxes come preassembled and ready for you to start packing ASAP. No tape needed. Ever.

  • Keeps Your Stuff Safe

    Unlike cardboard, our plastic containers won't buckle when you stack them so your stuff won't get crushed.

  • Clean

    RPM Boxes are cleaned and sanitized after every rental. Can you say that about the cardboard boxes from Craigslist?

  • Eco-Friendly Boxes

    RPM Boxes can be used over 400 times before they are recycled. Cardboard maxes out at 3 uses. Each box saves 2.7 trees over its lifetime.

  • Free Delivery/Pickup

    No need to drag moving boxes home. We bring our RPM Boxes to you. When you're all unpacked, we even come get them. Magic.

  • Easy to Pack

    Our moving bins can each tote 35 t-shirts or 48 books or 12 pairs of shoes or 10,000 Crayola Crayons. Your call.

  • Affordable

    Our RPM Boxes can save you up to 25% versus buying cardboard moving boxes. Plus you get to keep your sanity.

Plastic Vs Cardboard Moving Boxes

RPM Boxes are Eco-Friendly

Save trees, use RPM Boxes.

When you pack with our RPM Boxes instead of using cardboard moving boxes, you're actually helping the environment. Since our reusable moving boxes last 160 times longer than cardboard (400 uses vs 2.5 uses) before being recycled, they use 1/3 the energy (68% less) that it would require to make the same number of cardboard boxes (392k BTUs for plastic vs. 1,056k BTUs for cardboard). Plus, each RPM Box saves 2.7 trees over its lifespan.

Plastic Totes vs Cardboard Boxes

RPM Boxes are Tough

Do you really want to trust paper to protect your stuff?

Ever see what happens to a cardboard box when it gets even slightly damp? Yeah, it turns to mush. Our RPM Boxes really stand up when they get poured on, so no worrying about your stuff falling out the bottom of them in a rainstorm. You can also stack up to 250 pounds on one RPM Box. Don't try that with cardboard...

Plastic Totes vs Cardboard Boxes

RPM Boxes are Easy & Fast

No tape or building boxes. Just packing.

Why waste your valuable time to build cardboard boxes and fighting with packaging tape? You've got enough stress on your plate right without having to scrape that tape roll with your fingernails, trying to figure out where the end of it is. Users of plastic moving boxes have reported to being able to pack up to 30% faster since they're not wasting time building boxes.

Plastic Totes vs Cardboard Boxes

RPM Boxes are Stackable

Moving shouldn't be a game of Tetris.

Moving is stressful as it is, why make things worse using cardboard moving boxes that just don't want to be stacked? Different sizes, weak sides, bulging tops. Cardboard boxes just don't play nice. That's where the simple one size solution of RPM Boxes works. They were literally designed to be stacked.

Plastic Totes vs Cardboard Boxes