Moving Straps

$6.99 / 2-week rental; $2.99 / week after 2nd week

  • Makes moving furniture 100x easier
  • Cheaper than buying straps


Ever move a couch? Sucks, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to get a grip on it, staples stab your fingers, and it’s friggin heavy!

When you use a set of our RPM Moving Straps, your life instantly becomes 100x better.

Seriously. You’ll be amazed at how much better it is moving heavy furniture when you use these handy straps.

You still need a second set of hands to help you move the furniture but you’ll have a much happier helper when you use our RPM Moving Straps!

To use them, you simply slip your forearms into the padded loops, slide the other end of the straps underneath the furniture, and have your helper slide their end of the straps on to their forearms. Place your hands on the furniture to control its movement. Now you simply lift with your knees and wonder in amazement how you managed to move heavy stuff before!

From china cabinets to dressers to refrigerators, our RPM Moving Straps take the load off your poor fingers and instead enable you to use your whole body to lift.