Top 10 Moving Companies in Knoxville

Company Name Super Score Total # Reviews Hourly Rate Per Mover Truck Charge Average Cost Insurance Founded Website Phone # FB Score # FB Reviews Google Score # Google Reviews Yelp Score # Yelp Reviews Thumbtack Score # Thumbtack Reviews Angie's List Score #Angie's List Reviews
Gouffon Moving & Storage 4.7 362 45 135 945 0.60 1887 (865) 584-8545 4.7 211 4.0 5 4.6 146
Bellhops Moving 4.5 555 48 0 864 0.70 2011 (865) 745-0191 4.4 428 4.8 81 5.0 8 4.4 37 5.0 1
All My Sons Moving & Storage 3.2 289 55 144 1,134 0.60 1995 (865) 276-7161 2.2 73 3.7 192 2.5 7 2.8 17
Fox Moving & Storage 4.4 213 59 0 1,062 0.60 2014 (865) 437-5555 4.4 68 4.6 110 2.0 12 4.6 21 2.0 2
Two Men and a Truck 4.1 224 60 0 1,080 1998 (865) 225-6350 3.7 46 4.4 107 2.0 3 4.1 68
College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving 4.8 391 45 95 905 0.60 2003 (865) 344-3082 4.8 87 4.8 288 4.5 12 2.3 4
Angry Ducks Moving 4.7 54 50 95 995 0.60 (865) 936-3891 4.7 26 5.0 17 4.0 11
Baronhoff's Moving 5.0 40 57 0 1,035 0.60 2014 (865) 567-2133 5.0 1 5.0 37 5.0 2
Armstrong Relocation 3.8 58 52 0 936 0.60 1946 (865) 546-3441 3.3 12 3.9 27 2.5 7 4.8 12
Mitchell Moving 4.9 53 48 0 864 0.60 2014 (865) 387-1763 5.0 3 5.0 4 4.9 46

We set out to do more than place our subjective opinion on who we think are the best moving companies in Knoxville. We're believers in the wisdom of experienced groups. What better group to discover the best moving companies from than from those people who have first-hand interactions with those movers?

Hence, the power of online reviews.

However, we realized there isn't one "end-all-be-all" place to find the best moving help in Knoxville since reviews are spread across multiple websites. To better help you with your research, we've taken the time to compile reviews of local moving companies from five different review sources.

This is in the hopes of not just providing a more well-rounded understanding of which local movers might be best for you, but to also help you discover a mover near you that you may not have considered (a handful of the best-rated movers don't appear on all review websites).

The RPM Boxes Review Method

In the attempt to be as unbiased as possible, we simply researched and compiled the ratings that Knoxville movers had from five main review sources: Google, Facebook, Yelp, ThumbTack, and Angie's List.

While there are a handful of other review websites out there, no others beyond those 5 sites had a condensing of enough moving businesses for us to feel the sites were measurable enough representations of who the "best-of-the-best" are in Knoxville.

Because we focused on the number of reviews a mover had online, we have left off other wonderful companies that can help you with your moving needs. However, without enough public reviews for those businesses, we couldn't list them in good faith.

As you see in our spreadsheet of reviews, we simply listed the number of reviews and the average score listed on each of the five websites. We also added an additional "Super Score."

The Moving Companies' Review Super Score

The Super Score is simply a weighted average of the reviews that are listed for each company. To do that, we multiplied the number of reviews on a website by the listed score, then added that to the product of the next review website. We then took the sum of those products and divided them by the total number of reviews for that business.

We feel the Super Score presents the best "high level" view of the quality of a company since it can help balance the various review channels.

As we didn't feel we had the authority to say that one website's reviews were better, we weighted all review channels the same. An argument can be made that websites that provide "verified" reviews for home and furniture movers should have a heavier weighting, but that is a discussion for another day.

Average Moving Cost for Knoxville

As for the pricing portion of each profile, we contacted each mover to get this information from them. While we believe we have good and accurate data, you should get your own written versions of quotes and insurance amounts from every moving company you contact for service. Our data should only be used as a guiding tool, not as Gospel.

The criteria we used to attain the average costs was a local Knoxville move (from ZIP Code 37917 to 37919) for a 3 bedroom 1,200 sqft single story house that had zero excessively heavy items (pianos, grandfather clocks, gun safes, etc.).

Most movers provided a straight hourly rate for a moving crew with a 2-hour minimum (the companies seem to go by a general rule of thumb that a two-person crew can move 1,000 pounds of furnishings per hour). There were a few movers who tacked on additional costs (Two Men & A Truck factors in a $75 truck fee for local moves and Fox Moving charges a 13% fuel surcharge on top of their hourly rate). We incorporated any fuel surcharges into the listed hourly rate for our hypothetical local move.

Mover Insurance Coverage

Almost all movers in Knoxville adhere to the Federal interstate standard of $0.60 per pound/per piece. What that means is if you have them move a TV that weighs 10 pounds, they will only reimburse you for $6. Won't exactly buy you a new TV.

The one exception here was Two Men & A Truck. They provide a simple $250 total coverage. So if they break your TV that's worth at least $250, they'll give you the $250. They also provide the option to purchase higher levels of insurance coverage.  

A handful of the moving companies recommended purchasing additional coverage through At this time, we've not contacted or researched, so we can't attest if that's a good option or not.

As with the cost segment, we HIGHLY encourage you to get any insurance disclaimers/coverage in writing before contracting with a mover (no matter what their reviews are). This helps you have a better understanding of what will happen if something gets damaged during your move.

Knoxville Mover's Profiles

We also elected to go beyond just numbers alone and to spend hours reading written reviews across all review websites in order to help shape a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each local moving company. We then interpreted those written reviews into general insights in each business's profile.

We focused intently on distilling those insights with as much objectivity as humanly possible.

Mover's Profiles

  • Bellhops Moving
  • College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving
  • Gouffon Moving & Storage
  • All My Sons Moving & Storage
  • Two Men and A Truck
  • Fox Moving & Storage
  • Armstrong Relocation
  • Angry Ducks Moving
  • Mitchell Moving
  • Baronhoff's Moving

Bellhops Moving

Super Score: 4.5 (555 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 745-0191

Bellhops Moving is a fairly new actor in the Knoxville movers scene. Based out of sister city Chattanooga, the Bellhops Moving team is focused on making the experience of booking a mover quick and easy.

While it may just be a sign of the times, we really appreciated the ease of pulling a quote online from their website. We also called in to speak to a service representative and we were greeted by a warm and helpful rep.

Full disclosure, we're likely biased here since we also focus on many of the same traits that Bellhops Moving does when it comes to running our own business (friendly service coupled with quick and easy online ordering).

Combing through their reviews, it appears most of their past customers agree on that focus too. Based on those reviews, the Bellhops team members also don't waste time when it comes to loading and unloading (numerous comments about how fast but diligent the movers were).

However, there are some reviews where furniture was damaged during the move. Most of the ire comes from the fact that Bellhops is barely above the industry standard when it comes to how they reimburse for damage (Bellhops provides $0.70/lb coverage, whereas most of the industry is at $0.60/lb).

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

Super Score: 4.8 (391 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 344-3082

Started in Tampa, FL in 2003, the Knoxville franchise of College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving was fired up in 2015 and has been on a roll ever since.

While the company as a whole was originally created to haul junk, they successfully expanded into moving services a few years ago as well.

The business works to set itself apart from the crowd by using younger crews (hence the "College Hunks" aspect) in addition to providing donation pickup services (as opposed to hauling your unwanted items to the dump).

Through the posted online reviews, it appears College Hunks tends to be one of the faster movers in town and can provide same day service (although they don't tout that on their website). They also go to the effort to walk their clients through all paperwork and explain all fees.

The few negative reviews we turned up were a bit across the board. One review was unhappy the estimator that came out was two hours late and ended up not being able to provide moving service on a specific day that the homeowner originally requested.

Another negative review focused on the level of damage that was sustained during a move.

Of note on all reviews in Google is that the owner/manager of College Hunks has responded to almost zero reviews (good or bad). While not a major issue, it does seem fairly out-of-character for a company that focuses heavily on branding.

Gouffon Moving & Storage

Super Score: 4.65 (362 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 584-8545

Gouffon Moving and Storage is undoubtedly the "granddaddy" of Knoxville moving companies. Proudly touting they've served Knoxville families for five generations and through "Every Panic Since the Civil War." You can rest assured this is no "fly-by-night" moving operation.

While they've got very solid reviews online, when we called in with our request for more information about their business and what insurance coverage they provided, we were pretty rudely handled by a gruff-voiced "service representative." For some reason, he was extremely skeptical of us when we fairly quickly asked about how mover's insurance worked. He quickly chased us off the phone once he provided a rough understanding of what insurance they provided.

Granted, this "not-so-friendly" service likely stemmed from us asking about coverage before asking for a moving quote, but the interaction left a pretty bitter taste behind.

Outside of our own interaction, actual customers have had pretty good experiences with Gouffon.

In general, customers have really enjoyed the professional and friendly staff used by Gouffon. Across the board, reviewers commented on the movers showing up on-time.

However, there have been recent reviews stating that the movers have not been as careful and diligent lately. This may have to do with the Summer months being peak busy season coupled with a labor shortage (in 2018). A number of reviews report damage due to careless moving or not heeding home-owner instructions.

All My Sons Moving & Storage

Super Score: 3.2 (289 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 276-7161

All My Sons Moving & Storage was one of the most reviewed, yet lowest Super Score moving companies we found in Knoxville.

While there were numerous positive reviews, All My Sons Moving seems to drop the ball when it comes to having professional and well-trained movers on staff.

Of note was the review by a Melissa C. who claims that the two-person crew All My Sons Moving sent out to move her heavy furniture ended up dropping a dresser down the stairs, lodging it in the stairwell & damaging the wall and ceiling. When Melissa informed All My Sons Moving that she had received an estimate of $1,000 for the repairs to the wall & ceiling, they offered her $200 to repair the damage their crew caused.

There were also a handful of complaints about moving crews showing up 1 - 5 hours late (or not showing up at all).

Some of the negative reviews are from folks who did not become customers of All My Sons Moving but wanted to publicly complain about the aggressive followup tactics used.

We are able to attest to that fact as after we called in to get a moving quote, we received a follow-up phone call 45 minutes later from the service representative we spoke to earlier.

He was wanting to know if we wanted to go ahead and schedule the move. When we teased him about having just spoken to him, he claimed he didn't remember talking to us just a short time ago since he "talks to a lot of people all day."

That's understandable, but just not the most professional way to handle leads.

On a positive angle, many of the happy customers were pleased with the efficient and professional moving teams (sounds like "Team Ninja Turtles" is the group you want moving your home).

Two Men and A Truck

Super Score: 4.1 (224 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 225-6350

Two Men and A Truck is one of Knoxville longest-lived franchised moving companies, celebrating 20 years in our market in 2018.

While simply being around longer than most of your competition doesn't automatically qualify you as a good moving option, it does help make the case! With that, Two Men and A Truck also has the tailwind of hundreds of favorable online reviews going in its favor.

However, there are a handful of negative reviews to take into consideration. Most of these unhappy reviews were centered around grossly exceeded time estimates (which increases the total cost of the move, of course). When increased times where the core of the poor review, it was usually due to a doubling in the estimated time to move the home. To us, it seems this stems from Two Men and A Truck providing quotes over the phone, without ever visiting the locations of the moves (to get a better idea of the scope of the move).

While it may be awkward to have a stranger come over to your home to wander through it with an evaluative eye, it does seem to help have a much more accurate quote for the total cost of moving service.

In regards to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, they mostly echo each other by stating how friendly and professional the movers were. There were numerous compliments of how much care and effort the crews took in safely moving and securing furnishings.

That leads us into a unique aspect of damage insurance that Two Men and A Truck offer. Instead of the industry standard of $0.60 per pound coverage, Two Men and A Truck provide a basic $250 coverage with zero deductible for all moves. If you wish to purchase higher levels of coverage, you can with minimal expense.

Fox Moving & Storage

Super Score: 4.4 (213 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 437-5555

Despite the fact that Fox Moving & Storage has billboards in almost every section of town (and therefore might come to mind when you're thinking about hiring movers in Knoxville), they're actually a fairly new business (began in 2014).

With that, they're one of the better-reviewed movers on our list. Clients love the effort the Fox movers make in wrapping all furniture with moving blankets. That effort also translates to customers being happy with zero damage occurring to their stuff.

Customers also loved the level of communication provided by Fox Moving & Storage. It appears if they're going to be more than 30 minutes late, the driver will call the customer to give them a heads up (for what it's worth, most reviews stated their Fox movers were right on time).

On the note of timeliness, Fox Moving & Storage also claims they can provide service within one hour of notice. We didn't inquire about this when we called in to get a moving quote, but it's worth keeping in mind if you need to move in a pinch.

The moving crews also sound to be very friendly and professional. A big plus when you consider having strangers in your home.

Armstrong Relocation

Super Score: 3.8 (58 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 546-3441

Armstrong Relocation is the local mover name for a national corporation known as United Van Lines. They also operate under the name of Mayflower.

During our call to get a quote, we were met with a friendly but blunt service representative. While we enjoyed the frank discussion about how the pricing worked at Armstrong, we could see circumstances where this "to-the-point" manner of speaking could rub some folks the wrong way.

We were also told that Armstrong Relocation here in Knoxville is willing to provide a flat-rate for their local moving services. To our understanding, they only offer that on moves under 1,500 sqft, but it's certainly worth considering if you're worried about movers running up the clock on you.

In regards to what past customers had to say about Armstrong Relocation, it's a bit of a mixed bag. From what we were able to discern, most of the negative reviews stem from interstate moves (mostly complaints of damaged furniture).

However, one local reviewer by the of Linda H. complained that the representative that came out to review how much stuff she was moving and to provide a quote severely underestimated how much time it would take to move. This allegedly forced Linda to pay double the amount she was quoted. In addition to that, she claims the movers that came out were also very inexperienced and failed to protect her home as Armstrong had originally agreed to do (using runners on hardwood floors and wrap stair banisters in moving pads) while they moved the furnishings out.

On a positive note, most happy reviewers were pleased with the level of communication they received. From dispatchers calling to check in to provide reassurance on a late-arriving moving crew to coordinators working to make sure moves went as smoothly as possible.

Angry Ducks Moving

Super Score: 4.7 (54 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 936-3891

Angry Ducks Moving is one of Knoxville's newest moving companies, but also one of the most positively reviewed ones.

From what we've been able to discern, it seems to be a "one-man-shop" though since we had to leave a voicemail in order to get a moving quote and failed to get a followup phone call from them. We ended up calling them again, five days after our first attempts.

That said, while Angry Ducks Moving has a majority of positive reviews, it does appear they have a timing issue.

There are numerous comments about moving crews showing up extremely late or even NOT SHOWING UP AT ALL. We recommend that if you chose to use Angry Ducks, you follow up with them a day or two before your scheduled move date in order to verify they are on the same page as you.

Besides the complaints of tardiness or absence of movers, many reviewers loved the friendly and efficient nature of the moving crew. The movers also seem to take great care with all items and seemed to be quite experienced.

Mitchell Moving

Super Score: 4.9 (53 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 387-1763

Mitchell Moving is the only widely reviewed mover we found in Knoxville that has zero reviews on Google. This seems to stem from the fact that they don't have a Google My Business Page set up (or have it set up under a name we weren't able to easily discern).

That said, where they do have reviews they have overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Most reviewers were pleased with the moving crews showing up punctually and the crews' disposition (friendly but hard-working). There are also numerous comments about the care and attention the movers paid when moving furnishings.

In regards to insurance, they provide the standard $0.60/pound rate, but also will fully insure your move for an additional $100.

The quote-provider we spoke to on the phone assured us that would cover the full appraised value of anything damaged during a move. It appears that never gets used though since we were unable to find any complaints about damaged furnishings.

While they're a small outfit, Mitchell Moving in Knoxville appears to have the touch of a professional team.

Baronhoff's Moving

Super Score: 5.0 (40 total reviews)
Phone: (865) 567-2133

While there aren't a ton of reviews for Baronhoff's Moving on the five sites we limited our research to, they have overwhelmingly positive reviews.

From what we're able to discern, Baronhoff's is a small family business here in Knoxville. While this might be of concern to some folks, all the reviews we found state that they're a professional and well-honed company.

Numerous reviewers claim they have recommended Baronhoff's Moving to multiple friends and colleagues (which says quite a bit about a business when your past customers are willing to stick their own reputations on the line for you).

From the sounds of it, all moves have been prompt, on-time, in-budget and damage-free.