8 Simple Tips To Make Moving Easier

As exciting it is to move to a new home, the actual process of moving can be stressful and exhausting. There's no magic way to have all your belongings teleported, but that doesn't mean that moving itself has to be an impossible burden. Here are eight tips to make moving easier.

1. Get rid of unnecessary items
If you've lived in a home long enough, you've likely accumulated plenty of things that you no longer use. A great moving hack is to go through your belongings and determine what should be kept.

Just because you've had something in your possession for a long time doesn't mean you have to hold onto it. For each item, decide what should be kept, given away, or discarded entirely. It will make packing easier since you won't have to transport everything you own.

2. Start sorting
You should keep like items together when moving. They should also be put in subcategories. You shouldn't just throw all your clothes together in one box, for instance. Rather, you should have them in ones marked things like "Formal" and "Casual."

3. Rent moving boxes
Acquiring boxes is one of the most critical parts of any move. However, you don't need to buy them. You can rent moving boxes and reduce stress. Our business will help you realize how convenient it is to rent boxes and how much ease it puts on your move.

When you rent plastic moving boxes, you can trust your belongings are in extremely durable containers. After you're done, we pick them up from you at your new home. Yep, no need to deal with sketchy people from Craigslist!

4. Call the movers early
If you decided you need movers, get in touch with a moving business to reserve a truck or hire help as soon as you know you'll need them. There will be plenty of others who need help moving (especially in the busy season, May - August).

Once you've locked down a place for moving into, make your call. If you're calling a moving company in Knoxville, be specific about your needs, including if you have any special/heavy items like grandfather clocks or pianos. This moving tip will benefit everyone.

5. Label boxes
It only takes a permanent marker and a few minutes to save yourself from significant stress (which is why we include free labels in all of our moving box rental packages). This packing tip is one you cannot overlook. Be sure to clearly write what's inside each box. Granted, if it's an assortment of items, simply write "Miscellaneous."

6. Make a checklist
If moving is giving you stress on account of having to keep track of so many things, write them down. Write down everything you need to take care of, from getting boxes to packing items. Or, you can use our free moving checklist. This moving tip will help you stay organized and be less intimidated by your move.

7. Get a dolly
This is a moving hack which will help you move plenty of boxes at once. You can buy a dolly from Walmart or Home Depot (FYI, we include a dolly in all of our rental packages) so that you can load several boxes at a time. You'll be amazed by how much faster your moving experience is.

8. Know how much space you'll have
It seems silly, but an essential apartment moving tip is to know just how much you'll be able to fit in your new place. This is another important packing tip, as it will help prevent you from trying to move more than you're able to fit in.

An easier move is all about keeping your needs in mind and getting an early start. You should be planning out your move well before it's actually time to move. With these tips, you can make your next move as easy as possible.