10 Signs You Should Hire Professional Movers

We all have to move from one home to another in our lives. You may be wondering if you can handle the job with some friends or if you should hire a moving company. Here are 10 signs that you should invest in professional movers.

1. You’re exhausted
Moving is a strenuous time. Luckily, you can hire movers that can do the work for you while you handle everything else that you need to do. Plus, you won’t have to strain your body with the heavy lifting. You’re already exhausted; doing the physical moving will only cause you more stress and pain to your body.

2. You’re pressed for time
Moving is time-consuming, especially if you have to do it yourself. Movers are trained to do the job quickly and efficiently. Also, they provide more helpers. More people helping means that the job will get done faster (don’t worry, you won’t have to ply them with pizza or beer).

3. You want someone else to be responsible for your items
Most movers have insurance in case anything happens to your items. This will give you a piece of mind that your items will get to your new home in pristine condition. If you break your own items while moving, you’re the only one responsible. If you want an extra layer of protection, be sure to look into purchasing additional moving insurance online.

4. You have heavy/ awkwardly shaped items
How are you going to move that piano or that pool table? Or what about the L-shaped couch that doesn’t seem to fit through any doorway? Don’t put yourself through the stress. Allow movers to handle that for you. Keep in mind that some moving companies may require you to hire more guys to handle very large items. Be upfront with them about these items when you call to get a quote.

5. You still need to pack
Packing can be difficult. Fragile items may require specialized packing. If you don’t know how to handle these items properly, you may end up breaking your own stuff. Experienced moving company employees have the tools and know-how to protect your items; even your most delicate items won’t be a problem for professional movers. Be sure you rent plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard boxes though, so you save money and reduce the impact your move will have on the environment (and yes, professional movers LOVE packing and moving with RPM Boxes). Remember to tell the moving company if you need packing assistance so that they can come prepared.

6. You care about safety
Safety is extremely important! You may think that you and your friends or family can move everything in your home safely, but people can hurt themselves badly. A moving company will have the knowledge to ensure that everything is moved safely.

7. You’re moving far away
If you are moving to another state or a far distance, you probably need assistance unless you want to drive to your new location in a large truck. And who will help you unload in your new location? Be sure to hire your moving company well in advance to prepare.

8. You need a truck (and a driver)
How many moving boxes (or RPM boxes) are going to fit in your little sedan? Will it fit the furniture, too? Do you know how to drive a large truck? A moving company will have a truck that will fit everything you have.

9. You need experience and know-how
Your moving company will have all of the tools to help you move. They have done this multiple times, and they have seen it all. You’re not only paying for muscle- you’re paying for experience and knowledge.

10. You don’t have any other option
Let’s face it- some of us don’t have a lot of help when it comes to moving. You also may simply not want to bother the people in your life. Hire movers to help you get the job done without needing anyone else.

Do you relate to any of these signs? You can make your move as easy as possible by hiring professionals. If you want to use the best in town, check out our recommendations for the 10 best moving companies in Knoxville.